My friends used to make fun of me when I said that a guy was beautiful because they equated beauty with femininity. I think everyone’s beautiful, regardless of gender, and I’m not afraid to tell someone that I think they’re beautiful.

If you don’t think someone’s beautiful, you’re wrong. Look at the way their eyes sparkle when they talk about something they love or listen to their laugh. Notice the way their face scrunches up when they smile or the way their lips naturally curve upwards. Look at the way they lose themselves in a good book. Notice their kindness and the respect they have for everyone, appreciate their constant optimism, even if it drives you crazy sometimes. Everyone is beautiful, but sometimes we forget that beauty is more than what’s on the surface.

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Artist: Briana Carlson-Goodman
Album: Les Mis 7-30-2013 US Tour (Minneapolis)
Track: On My Own
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Opening Night in Minneapolis

The rendition of On My Own that made me care about Eponine as something more than just the sob unrequited love story.

An unparalleled clear straight tone alto with an awareness of the character as deep as Eponine’s own self-awareness regarding her lot in life beyond simply her prospects for love.

Plus the “besi-ide me” accidental is the best riff ever.

Anonymous sent: Have you seen Heathers?

No, actually! I’ve seen gifsets for it though and it looks really good! Totally on my list of things to watch (I say as I watch Cabaret for the upteenth time in an attempt to improve my mood). I can’t say I know much about the plot, though!

Anonymous sent: You said send you random stuff so um... Hi? You're really cool and stuff :) I love your blog. :3 (sorry I'm not sure what to say but I want to send you stuff!)

aaaaAAAA? That’s super sweet thank you!! Why are you on anon silly come off and let me love you! (Unless you’re shy I get that). I hope you had a good day today!

i want chicken fries. it’s one in the morning and i want chicken fries.

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listening to a new musical for the first time is scary. Will I love it? Will I hate it? Will I become so obsessed with it I can’t function? Who knows.


you know how every girl in the world has a secret code with her girlfriends for when they need a tampon well when I was younger the code was ‘japan is attacking, do you have supplies’ I feel like I shouldn’t have to explain the joke but just to be safe



this perfectly describes how all college shopping is done

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so yesterday i got home from my best friend’s birthday party and thirty seconds later my sister comes into my room and asks me if i can keep a secret and i said it depends and she pulled a fucking cat out from behind her back and i was like “i think we can keep this between us”


his name is peanut and hes this country’s most precious secret 

well now 171 people know about this you had one job